Who Design & Development
Our aim is to build a site with the best design and at the same time it should be clear and crisp, easy to navigate and quick to download. A good website design reinforces your message and delivers it with more impact We have three years experience under web development. We use modern web development platforms and software tools such as: Java, JSP,JavaScript, Servlets, Perl, ASP, PHP and HTML, XML, WAP etc.

Some of Information about sites are here as under:

Statice Site:

  • A static web site might be useful for a small business that simply wants to be found on the web, with only a few pages of information that do not change very often. It Can be developed fast when small.May be cheaper for initial development if small.Pages are often delivered fast because the HTML code for each page is very simple.

Dynamic Site:

Dynamic systems are built on database management and database application software, to provide managed and secure access to information. This information can be stored on the web site's own server, or on a remote server, and can consist of any form of electronic document, data or image.
A dynamic web site is a suitable solution for your organisation if:
  • you have information that needs to change regularly - such as news, events, scores, or feedback
  • you want web users - whether the general public or your staff - to be able to upload data or information onto your web site
  • if the information you want to present on your web site is or could be stored in a database
  • if the information on your web site comprises numerical or other similar data
  • if you have a lot of web pages and a lot of data
  • you need to maintain a consistent look and feel
  • your web site content is managed by a number of people

Catalouge Site:

We  develop  custom solutions and web sites for product catalogs and web stores, as per the needs of individual clients. You products and the special features and programmed as per your specific requirements. You products ( or services ) shall be displayed with USP's per product ,

The best part is that the content, product pictures and other features can by updated online by your own self, using a unique simple to use catalog or store administration interface. You can upload product pictures, data sheets, charts, pdfs and other documents for your users to view or download.